Lights, Camera, Action, Bittles or Network Bittles is a Canadian-German-French television series which was launched live in 2005, on May 12th. The series made fifty-two episodes each season. It has the base 4 Square has for the squares. The final episode was aired on April 11th, 2012.

About Edit

Lights, Camera, Action, Bittles is the live series of the original series, The Bittles, and somewhat is the best live show for ages three to eight.

Segments Edit

The segments include Rocco's Adventure Building, where he builds the adventures within words to make a full story from letter by letter. Whether the weather.

Grump, Harold and Dimah are the Builder Brothers Piza workers. They make sure all the pizzas are boxed up and are steady to be packed up and ready for going.

Lolly is the professional artist at high school, and she makes sure her art collection grows with art so she can become a famous artist someday.

Comma is the singer and the owner of his very own music workshop. Which is in his own boat, where he makes musical ideas viewers can try no matter what they are doing!

Trivia Edit

This series has three-dimensional animation along with type-fifteens and type-sixes for bases, and the series began five to six years before the original series, ending five years after 2008-2009, and this show is one of the live series created by the same creator of The Bittles.

Comparisons Edit

While the Bittles' regular animation, the hairstyles are made by Spectra Animation, comparing the colour of the Bittle it is. For example, Lolly's as in a red hairstyle, and this show is approximately 15-17 minutes, such as Awkward, Yure and You, and Roblox 4 Square.

Joining characters: Edit

Yure joins from Yure and You, on episode 10 of series one.

Relating songs from Comma: Edit

Splashin' the Rain and Sing to the Morning Light are relating to the songs from an episode of 4 Square. While Bats relates to an episode of season four from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Airtime Edit

This show has came on Treehouse during weekdays, at about 7:00 am or 8:00 am. like Yure and You currently does, however, it airs Tuesdays.

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