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Welcome to the official wiki of the Lights, Camera, Action, Bittles show! From the official live show aka Lights, Camera, Action, Bittles from 2005! You can find out where the Bittles do their jobs and play all day by working out the fears of theirs, as told and aimed for four to nine years old!


The original YTV production, The Bittles, is a half-hour storytelling series that entertains and educates preschool viewers. It also has its own grand live series! Working from the blueprints of some of Canada's best authors and illustrators in the original series, however, The Bittles puppet characters go live, and turn into 3D animations and turn stories into books in to paintings, songs, adventures and baking lessons!. This fun loving group of puppets includes Comma, whose job is to make sure that all the words are right to make ideas for new songs; Lolly, the artist who paints the pictures; Rocco, the foreman of the book construction site, as adventure's builder, and Grump, who is the reluctant backbone of this heavy-duty and pizza-baking building operation. In addition, The Bittles characters have their own, parallel stories within the creation of each and every new thing you can learn. In each episode, the series focuses on art, singing, building and baking. The series uses a combination of puppetry, CGI animation and lightly animated stills from books to bring the adventures, art, bakes and songs to life.

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